Our brand was born from our LIFESTYLE, here is a first video compilation of the year 2021 which sets the tempo !. A mix of committed "Outdoors & Watersports" practices that we share with you here over 4 minutes in a multitude of disciplines and sports practices. You can imagine that our technical models for men and women are tested and validated upstream in order to best guarantee their versatility, their comfort and their qualities. Welcome to our WATERMAN LIFE technical universe and thank you to all the friends present in this compilation. Our customers present since the beginning of the adventure and our ambassadors. All of you who push us to surpass ourselves every day. We wish you to have a good time on this small video production made largely with on-board cameras, in aqua shooting but with great enthusiasts and non-stop action!

Just press PLAY!


Waterman Life Builder Team

@ Alexandre Grégoire. Founder & CEO Waterman Life.

@ Erwan Guegan. Senior Partner / Atrium Agencement

@ Jone Velasco. Associate.

@ Nahia Graciet. Development assistant.

* Thanks to Alexandre Ouya and Lionel Bonhomme for the Drones images

* Editing and video © watermanlife.alexandregregoire.2021


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